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Are you looking for HTML5 website ? GTAWebsiteDesign is the answer to your search. GTAWebsiteDesign is the best html5 development company in greatertorontoarea. Our team of experts can design creative and responsive html5 websites for customers that are innovative, user friendly and perform seamlessly. Html5 website development services helps in structuring the content of the website to suit the customer’s requirements and business.


Advantages of HTML5 Development

HTML5 is an innovative topic and an upgrade of the previously used HTML. The advantages of using HTML5 for structuring website content are; it includes features such as Canvas, Audio and Video elements as well.  This enables SVG (scalable vector graphics) content with replacing generic tags and mathML for mathematical formulas. To achieve the responsive features of a website, html5 can be used to store even the little bits of information that gives it an edge to cleaner coding. In addition, even mobile applications can use the html5 tags. Using HTML5 helps with game development and easier presentation. The Header tags, navigation tags and section tags, help readers to easily access the content they require giving them a better experience in the process. It is supported by the browsers like opera, safari, chrome, firefox etc.

  • Support from browsers
  • Enhanced context menus
  • Structure content
  • user friendly
  • responsive
  • Supportive for animation
  • used for game development
  • Geo-location services
  • better experience to users
  • Storage capacity

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